Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Flash and google maps

There are tons of applications possible with map available on internet. And having a way to customize it in Flash is like cake with delicious icing.
So I made my hands dirty trying out what Flash and Google maps have to offer together.
In the example you can add my tiny photo wherever you click on map. It however doesn't do it when you drag. Going further this is going to shape of very nice application. It's at the back of my head. Waiting for enough time to complete it. Till then enjoy this.

A little note from Google Maps help too
You have to include API key in object and embed tags as flashVars to publish swf having google maps online.
Note that we add the API key parameter within a flashVars parameter. This registration method is an alternative to compiling your key into the SWF file within the MXML declaration. If values are specified here, they override values contained within the SWF file or MXML declaration. Also note that the API key must match the domain where the SWF file is hosted, not the domain where the HTML file may be hosted

Monday, May 11, 2009

Today I experimented with Fuse and Flash. Fuse is a sequencer using ZigoEngine written in ActionScript for performing Tweens/Animation using code. Best thing about Fuse is that you can predefine sequence of animations in code and all will be handled. And using ZigoEngine it just becomes very optimal on CPU and RAM. Look at the following example and checkout your CPU usage, it doesn't hike. In some of my next examples I am going to showcase some of the cool uses of Fuse.
Btw, the beginning of this example is from gotoAndLearn

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tag cloud in Flash

Tag cloud has become very famous mode of organizing and showcasing the tags and their relevance. There are many php and asp scripts available that help build tag cloud. Basically there are three important attributes of a tag in a tagcloud. The name of tag, it's value or weight and the link of the page that the tag will lead to.
Given these parameters I made basic tagcloud in Flash using actionscript.
In current example all the tags link to my website.


There has been a big gap between what I posted last and till date.
Sorry for this interruption. You will be witnessing some of the good and basic flash works soon. And by soon I mean today itself. Coming soon in next blogpost.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Used simple law of physics perspective with some help from Kirupa for making this